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Eric Lau - Quadrivium [Album Preview]

Eric Lau, the London based producer, is featured in a new video that has him talking about his upcoming album entitled Quadrivium. We've only barely touched on Eric's work before, here on EARMILK, but his work can speak for itself. He's been in the scene for a while now but this next album will be highly anticipated because he's quickly expanded his fan base in the last 2 years and shown his growth as a producer as well. He's done work with Oddisee and other upcoming artists who can utilize his electronica/jazzy/hip-hop production. So, check out the video below where he summarizes his creative process of this upcoming album that drops on the 25th. Also check out the first single from the album called "Star Trekking"

      Kilawatt - Star Trekking
Download: Eric Lau - Star Trekking

Ambient · Hip-Hop


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Liz Choi
9 years ago

still trying to figure out how to marry this dude.