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Octopus Jones - Sushi [MIXTAPE]

Octopus Jones has released his latest instrumental mixtape entitled Sushi. Octopus has released two other mixtapes to date but this latest release shows off his true talents. The tracks on this mixtape contain a smooth mixture of hip-hop and jazz beats. So, hip-hop would be the underlying roots of the album but there's plenty of genre experimentation to go around. Also, I wouldn't say ALL the tracks are smooth because there's some hard-hitters mixed in that will test the bass of your system too. You can download the whole mixtape from the link below.

      Octopus Jones - SUSHI - 04 Peter Pan
Download: Octopus Jones - Peter Pan

      Octopus Jones - SUSHI - 11 Orgasma
Download: Octopus Jones - Orgasma

Download: Octopus Jones - Sushi


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