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Gilbere Forte' - EYES of VERITAS [Mixtape]

It's here. Gilbere Forte's highly anticipated, EYES of VERITAS mixtape, has officially dropped. Gilbere has consistently been dropping a track every few weeks and really has shown to be a complete artist. But nothing as full as this has dropped from him since 87 dreams. This allows listeners to see the range of topics and styles Gilbere's music has. Check out the mixtape link below and a couple sample tracks.

      GILBERE FORTE - EYES of VERITAS (Hosted by Don Cannon) - 02 VERITAS
Download: Gilbere Forte' - VERITAS

      Gilbere Forte - Born In 87 (produced by Don Cannon)
Download: Gilbere Forte' - Born In '87

      GILBERE FORTE - EYES of VERITAS (Hosted by Don Cannon) - 09 DIE FOR YOU
Download: Gilbere Forte' - DIE FOR YOU

      GILBERE FORTE - EYES of VERITAS (Hosted by Don Cannon) - 14 BALLOT OR THE BULLET (feat. G-Lee)
Download: Gilbere Forte' - BALLOT OR THE BULLET (feat. G*Lee)

Download: Gilbere Forte' - EYES of VERTIAS [Mixtape]

Hip-Hop · Rap


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