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London in Tow - Ben Westbeech

Following  Crimesteins lead and in the name of eclecticness and a love of all things music. Even that which lays beyond bass, wobbles, grime, or dnb. Here are a few vocally lead tracks to ease you toward midweek and the impending end of said week.

Mr Ben Westbeech is officially back.  Shedding his Breach moniker for a while in favour of his state recognised name and more soulful alter ego he has given this track away as a freebie over his official site. Album coming April and Single in Feb

Download me here

Ben Westbeech "Slowly"

Big fan of these next group of men. They've been worryingly silent past few years but news now says that they have an album on it's way. First single is on the cusp of release, vid is available for watching through this handy link. Bit too much bass for this post so check some of their older stuff below. This acoustic track is spine tingling

Track of new Album. Pre-order or stream now

08-stateless-ballad of ngb by matildatanascov



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