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Double Dip - 17 - Killabits

It doesn't matter if you're French Vanilla or a Deathcore Party Shank Freak you want to Double Dip we can tell.

Happy new year y'all, hope everything was fine and dandy, this evenings new year Double Dip is brought to you by a couple Toronto local face melters, they go by the name Killabits.

The Killabits are two bros by the names of Sam KBz & Biz Davis, these boys have been pumping out the bossiest bassiest tracks that I personally love, definitely crowd pleasers and they actually just tore up Social night club for NYE yesterday didn't make it unfortunately, but such is life, now onto the tunes:

      02 Party Crashers
Download: The Killabits - Party Crashers

      Stray Bullet
Download: The Killabits - Stray Bullet

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