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Jay Electronica – "The Announcement" (Mountain Dew Code Red Commercial Remix)[VIDEO]

I'm a HUGE fan of Jay Electronica so I have to post everything, of his, that I come across. But I'm not sure how i feel about this new commercial. Mount Dew has redone his "The Announcment" track and done a new commercial for their drink. They recreate the look and feel of the actual Roc Nation event that took place a while back. Is any Jay Electronica a good thing or…. But then it would be hard to hate on him either because at least he's branching out and getting in new markets without changing his format or message.  You be the judge.

      Jay Electronica - The Announcement feat. John F. Kennedy
Download: Jay Electronica – The Announcement feat. John F. Kennedy

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  • so happy for dude. now people gon' know his name and face. swag!

    Avatar Toony TuneS December 24, 2010 1:22 PM Reply
  • Jay electronica is better than I thought, go to rap genius and check out this song, so many hidden meanings… The album needs to come before the craze dies out completely

    Avatar batlife March 20, 2011 9:09 AM Reply

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