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London in tow - Soul Man

Just got this news through on the electronic mailer. Ben Westbeech has a new album coming out April of next year with a single set for release February kind of time. If you don't know Ben then you should get on it. He has a soulful distinctive voice and dabbles in just about every music genre going he has collaborated with the likes of Rusko, Jazzanova and Kero One.

Sounds as though this album he has taken a turn for the dark and broody and has worked with producers including Mj Cole, Henrik Schwartz, and Motor City Drum Ensemble. Judging be the excerpt below the album sounds like it should be a doozy and a new direction for Ben. Check the album intro vid below and get your mits on an absolute killer track he did with Kero One and a happy liquid dnb remix from Dj Marky.

Download: Kero - One Goodbye Forever (Feat. Ben Westbeech)

Download: DJ Marky & AI - Shame (Feat. Ben Westbeech)

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