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Holy Spirits - "Bridges" [VIDEO + AUDIO]

The Brooklyn based Holy Spirits have released a video for their track "Bridges". This group uses a lot of soft melodies to create a very uniquely haunting sound that isn't easy to get out of your head. The video, which was done by Nathaniel Whitcomb(thinkorsmile.com), does a good job of capturing the type of emotions and feelings you get when listening to this track "Bridges". And interestingly enough; the video was created entirely with cuttings from old magazines. This song almost has a slight Radiohead feel, especially with the vocals. All of these tracks are featured on The Afternoon's Blood EP that they have released for free. Check out the video and track below.

Download: Holy Spirits - Bridges

Created for the Holy Spirits debut ep "The Afternoon's Blood," this motion collage was hand cut out, scanned & digitally assembled entirely from a pile of 40 year old magazines. I've made videos for every song on the ep so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for the rest of the set.

Bonus Track:

      Holy Spirits - Fingertips (Single) - 01 Fingertips (Single)
Download: Holy Spirits - Fingertips (Single) (Feat. Gem Club)

Afrobeat · Folk · Indie


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  • beautiful music! really good for a calm kick back with your buds good job mates!

    Avatar Anonymous January 27, 2011 8:16 PM Reply

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