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David E Sugar – "Flea Market" [VIDEO]

We posted about David E Sugar's single "Flea Market" about a month ago and now he's come out with the music video for the hit track. The video was directed by Thomas Knights and it has a great elementary and free-spirited vibe to it. The track is so light-hearted that the video seems to very appropriate for the sound. The album, Memory Store, was just released a few weeks ago and you can pick it up on iTunes. Check out the video and the track below.

'Memory Store' is full of evocative, off-kilter lyrics, swirling synths and Sugar's unforgettable, trademark basslines. Though he wrote, performed, recorded and produced the album himself and has already successfully toured the globe once or twice performing with just a laptop, he has since decided it's time to take a fresh direction and has enlisted the talents of two musician friends to now join him in performing the album tracks live as a new three-piece.

      01 Flea Market
Stream Only: David E Sugar – Flea Market

      04 Flea Market (Third Party Remix)
Download: David E Sugar – Flea Market (Third Party Remix)

  • [itunes link="http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cambridge-sums/id395686795?uo=4" title="Memory Store"]



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