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Happy Halloween from EARMILK.COM

HalloweenHappy Halloween my little mischief making mooks. It's that time of year again. Time to  dress slutty or act insanely mischievous or both. We have been really pleased with the increased participation of you readers on the site. We've gotten way more Facebook fans and a lot more comments which fuels our desire to keep pumping out the new content. What better way to show our appreciation than to give you a crazy mix of Halloween inspired tracks to help you through your sugar rush and hangover that are sure to follow from your festivities.

With that shit said.. go put on your costume that has been done a thousand times and that no one will think is funny, light that jack-o-lantern out front of your door that is sure to get fucked by nights end and as you begin to cut your party favors with crushed up candy corn to prepare yourself for a shameful night of dancing while incognito remember.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!.

Download: Will Smith - A Nightmare On My Street

      Chrispy - Halloween (dubstep remix)
Download: Chrispy - Halloween (Dubstep Remix)

      Bone Crusher Ft Lil Jon Fatman Scoop - Saw Theme (Remix)
Download: Bone Crusher Ft. Lil Jon & Fatman Scoop - Saw Theme (Remix)

      Radiohead - Creep
Download: Radiohead - Creep

      Outkast feat. Kelis - Draculas Wedding
Download: Outkast feat. Kelis - Dracula's Wedding

Download: Various - Halloween Madness Mix

      Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
Download: Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

Download: John Carpenter - Halloween Theme

Download: Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice Theme (Kamei Halloween Edit)

      Air - Ghost Song
Download: Air - Ghost Song

      Japan - Ghosts
Download: Japan - Ghosts



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  • 'Dracula's Wedding' is a sick track. I'd love to see someone throw down a bridge and cross that mother and add a rap track. That acoustic riff would be a killer backdrop. This track belongs on a mix tape called something like 'A Bite of Something Fresh' along with Kid Cudi's 'Alive (Nightmare)'.

    Avatar Amphibologist October 31, 2010 6:05 PM Reply
    • Good point. When are you going to start contributing to earmilk!?

      Avatar montrey November 1, 2010 10:27 PM Reply
  • Oh ma lawd, you had forgotten to put up my Halloween mix! cause it's overflowed with all the ghastly goodness you'll ever need :]

    Night of the Diving Lead - http://www.wasteofbass.net/2010/10/theyre-coming-to-get-you-barbra.html

    Avatar Bässturd October 31, 2010 8:52 PM Reply
  • beetlejuice very ugly mix.....

    Avatar drako November 1, 2010 10:58 AM Reply
  • kamei ´s shit mix

    Avatar drako December 5, 2010 7:54 AM Reply

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