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Kaya Project – Desert Phase Remixes [ALBUM]

Kaya Project, a.k.a. Seb Taylor, released his album "Desert Phase" back in March of this year. Seb is known for creating very chilled out downtempo music. The album came about when Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain decided to go to Arizona and do a few excursions through the deserts. The desert experiences are what spawned this album but now that album has been handled by DJ's from all across the world and have created this latest remix album.The remix album features mostly chilled out beats but then mixes in all types of electronic music that'll keep you hype during the right times. Check out a few select tracks from the remix album below and the album drops November 9th on Interchill Records.

Scattered across 3 continents, the select remixers represent a diverse range of musical inclinations from dubstep, breaks, glitch hop, techno, drum'n'bass and modern downtempo sensibilities. From New Zealand and Australia, Opiuo, Oblique Industries and Interpulse bring their unique skills to the forefront while US based producers Bluetech, EarthRise SoundSystem and Liquid Stranger each take their preferred tracks 'Vijaya', 'Sundown' and 'Dust Devil' into newly discovered sonic territory. UK based producers Tripswitch, Gaudi, Eat Static, 100th. Monkey and Seb Taylor's three aliases Hibernation, Chaos By Design and Biotone, round out the tracklist with further globetronic treatments which offer further perspectives on the different phases of the desert.

      09 Calico Stomp (Gaudi Remix) 1
Download: Kaya Project – Calico Stomp (Gaudi Remix)

      10 Eye Of The Storm (Chaos By Design Remix) 1
Stream Only: Kaya Project – Eye Of The Storm (Chaos By Design Remix)

      11 Dobro (The Opiou Bro-Cuz Remix) 1
Stream Only: Kaya Project – Dobro (The Opiou Bro-Cuz Remix)

Downtempo · Electronica


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