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Somewhere between country and pop you will find modern folk duo, Cotton Jones.  The recently married couple of Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw have released their second album through the label, Suicide Squeeze.  Their sophomore effort is titled, Tall hours in the Glowstream,  named after a small creek where the couple finds inspiration. Set in their home town of Cumberland, Maryland.  The lovers left Cumberland for Winterville, Georgia, where they recorded in a home studio.  The lo-fi haziness of a bedroom studio fits the mood perfect.  They had a rotating cast of musicians and friends stop by for the sessions.  Many of whom had previously worked with them under the name, Page France.  They left Page France, tied the knot, and remained collaboratively driven towards the birth of Cotton Jones.  The new album has a new life, honeymoon feel to it.  Very comfy and hopeful. The lyrics reflect a feeling of content.  A simple, melodic, pop folk album that leads to your front porch, where you look and see the lush Appalachians in the distance set behind a winding stream.  This track is "Somehow to Keep it Going."  The second off the new album. Nau takes the vocal reins on this one.  A song reminiscent of something Mr. Johnny Cash may have sung.  Nau softly yells, "come on baby let the river roll on."  For fans of Frontier Ruckus and Breathe owl Breathe, I'm sure this song will roll right into your hearts.

Download: Cotton Jones - Somehow To Keep It Going

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