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The Flaming Lips - "See The Leaves" [VIDEO][NSFW]

Gotta love when a group tries to push the envelope with their video and that's exactly what The Flaming Lips have done in their latest video. The video is for their track, "See The leaves", and it features a beautiful woman going around town naked and spreading her...essence around for all. Some may say its not bold because really its the same thing over and over but with today's videos; this really does push the envelope. Check out the video and remember its NSFW.

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  • surely a contractual obligation release? Record company trying their best on the cheap? Have listened to the FL for years, this is tripe, no one can release this and get away with it in this day - UNLESS there's a naked woman involved of course.

    Avatar Dave September 27, 2010 8:15 AM Reply

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