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Big Boi Billboard.com Tastemakers Piece [VIDEO]

Got a video of Big Boi doing live performances for Billboard.com's Tastemakers piece. Tastemakers is a chart Billboard does where the best selling artist for the week is given a chance to conduct and interview and also do a few live performances from the album. The album was such a great success that its no wonder that Big Boi was chosen for the piece. Check out the video below.

They managed to catch up with Big Boi while in New York promoting the album on what he joked was his Grammy hustle. For the latest installment of the Tastemakers video series, he brought along DJ Cutmaster Swift  ad he himself threw down a 3-song set of "Left Foot" tunes full of freestyling, whip and lasso his mic cord moves and ad-hoc photo snapping with our neighbors, the cast of MTV's "The Hills."

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