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Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Drake - "Loving You No More"

Got the mastered version of the track "Loving You No More" by Diddy Dirty Money and Drake. This is the 4th single that will be featured on Diddy's upcoming album entitled Last Train to Paris. Seems like Nas' Hip-Hop is Dead album; older artists have come back and stepped up their game for the resurrection. And so far Drake's flow hasn't become annoying yet and I'm hoping it never does but seems inevitable because it's pretty much the same every time. Check out the track below.

      Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Drake - Loving You No More
Download: Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Drake - Loving You No More

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luis rodriguez
10 years ago

how aRe YOUR REMIXes sounding the same >>????
lazzzzzzzy ass MF.