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Half and Half Presents - Ty Segall

So through my heavy drinking/partying ways, I come to you here, at Earmilk, with something a little new. Something a little different. Something that compliments the already extraordinary selection already found here. A new poster with a new weekly Wednesday column - Half and Half.

The intent here is to bring to you the cream of up-and-coming indie bands. We will scower the bars, clubs, and webs far and wide, with our hands in every basket, and our ears in every corner to bring YOU the best shit out there.

But beyond giving you that - beyond giving you the best, brightest and newest of bands, both local and abroad- we give you the gift of getting laid. Because at the end of it all, discovering a new band is almost as good as that getting the other part of your life oh-so-satisfied. Walk away from this and name drop your new act to that cutie across the way at your local dive bar. Impress that brooding musician that you bump into in an East Village loft party.

Giving you milky band profiles by day, and sugar by night. We give you - Half and Half

Ty Segall - Toronto

To those of you who have been following the San Francisco scene, you will know that there has been a large shift of focus over the past couple of years from coast to coast, with San Fran cold killin' it talent wise. Whether it be GIRLS ,The Dodos or Thee Oh Sees, San Francisco has been more than a burgeoning scene on its hands.

Which brings me to Ty Segall. Best branded as DIY garage rock, Ty pumps out crackling simplisitic garage jams, relying on the basics.  Releasing his title debut in 2008 on Jon Dwyer's (Thee Oh Sees) label Castle Face Records, and then one month later, his second record Lemons (2009) on Memphis-based label, Goner Records, Segall pumped it out DIY style as well. Which brings us to this year, where he released Melted (2010), solidifying himself in the buzz band blog circuit.

Now with that history/background lesson out of the way, this lands us to this past Sunday at Parts and Labour's DIY style venue The Shop. Brimming with excitement, the openers killing it all the way through (Estrogen Highs, Royal Baths, Teenager), the place packed to capacity, Ty Segall (and two babeshows for backing band) arrived on set. What started off as immediate mosh, turned into Ty Segall ending the set asking for hugs for everyone, a guitar on the ceiling, and myself accidentally headbutting Mr. Segall in the head. All with a smile.

I encourage everyone to check this dude out, and to see him live - best concert of the summer. And after seeing more than a handful at NXNE over here in Toronto, among multiple other shows, that's a fuckin great compliment. And to top it off, I wasn't even drunk. WABAM.

Listen to him. Now. While you're at check the whole scene out. Ever heard of myspace friends? Check Ty's out here

The following tracks are two of my faves off his latest.

      03 - Girlfriend
Download: Ty Segall - Girlfriend

      08 - My Sunshine
Download: Ty Segall - My Sunshine

See you next Wednesday for the feature, and irregularly throughout the week. Hit me on twitter here



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Ivy Lovell
10 years ago

Nice article! Too bad I was linked to it because you guys stole one of my photos and didn't credit me. Thanks for the support dudes!