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The Tones - Dreamwalk: The Free EP

The Tones have released a free download for Dreamwalk: The Free EP. We've only mentioned these guys once and its a shame too because they are a breath a fresh air in comparison to most of the new hip-hop music nowadays. The Tones are a throwback to a time when hip-hop was really about something and soulful. They have been compared to the likes of Blackstar, Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, & De La Soul to name a few. They are definitely mentioned with some big names so you know you can't go wrong. Check out a few tracks from the EP and download it for free below. Don't listen to the tracks too much though because I'm surely going to be posting some of them for a Daily 2% and don't want you to get exposed to it TOO quick.

      04 If U Could Change Instrumental
Download: The Tones - If U Could Change Instrumental

      01 That Real w_ Kaotic
Download: The Tones - That Real w/ Kaotic

      02 Fly Away w_ Andy Allo
Download: The Tones - Fly Away w/ Andy Allo

Download: The Tones - Dreamwalk: The Free EP

Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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P Ganja
P Ganja
10 years ago

They made it a free EP?? thats great.. I knew the album but indeed more people must hear this music. true hiphop, laid back beats. & the whole album is in balance.. i mean.. u can just put it on and leave it without skipping.. just good music


P Ganja
P Ganja
10 years ago

btw it is funny that u post it just now.. I found it when browsing Amazon.com YESTERDAY! I listened it last night & thought well this is daily 2% shh lol

P Ganja
P Ganja
10 years ago

maybe check out (if u haven't already..) Blue Scholars.. (i noticed no in daily 2% history, and they should be in :) )

♪ music ♫
10 years ago

thanks for sharing

10 years ago

andy allo is also lovely! thanks for the post.