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The Milkmen Cometh 15 - Don't Stop

Each week the Milkmen of Earmilk.com in partnership with AUX.tv will bring you - the thirsty masses - a tall bottle of what is boiling over in the music scene. We're tipping cows and movin' crowds as we trudge from a top of the mountain of bangers to bring these chosen 10. Go now and spread the good word of milk - This isn't a sundae, this is a testament.

Welcome back! Survive NXNE + G20? I managed to make it out of every scrum relatively unskathed and with a fistfull of photos - oh Canada.

This week we have an eclectic mix of club anthems like James Brown is Dead by Crizzy and the smooth house mix of We Are Your Friends by Chris Moody followed up by a strong set of synth pop which includes some Barretso (one of my new favourites), Kolt13 (a genius), and the talented man who calls himself The Poindexter.

I'm happy your back, so sit down and lets see how humpday goes.

The Milkmen Cometh 15 - Don't Stop

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