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EARMILKDOTCOM - Future Spoiled...

So it's been a while since we have talked to you, the reader, directly and its about time we let you know what's happening and what we have in the pipeline. Today we want to alert to something new in the design of the site in regards to categories and tags and how they are displayed. Hopefully you are already familiar with tags/catagories but those are the little identifiers under each post:

On this site we use Categories to signify which genre a certain track or group of tracks would fall under. And we use Tags for the artists and sometimes tracks and other significant words associated with a post. This hasn't changed but the structure of the page it takes you to has changed and the new style is a lot easier to navigate and find what you want. You can see how the tag and category pages look in the image below or just by clicking one of the tagg/categories in a previous post.

We also wanted to announce that we are working on a new layout design for EARMILK and you can expect that in the upcoming months. This is one of the reasons we may have slowed down a bit on posts so that we could focus on the back end but we will be back in full gear very soon. We appreciate all the comment and email love we are receiving from our readers but we could always use more so reach out to us whenever you feel what we are doing.

      11 - Milkman
Download: Aphex Twin - Milkman



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Ian Mitchell
10 years ago

Keep up the kick ass work and keep delivering that milk, im lactarded and the only milk i take is earmilk!