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LOVE THY BROTHER is Liam and Connor Clarke (respectively shown above) - Brothers originally from Toronto, they have made Montreal their home for some time now.

Feel this Cat marks their first official release of the summer and the first for Love Thy Brother in over a year. They have been busy filling resident shoes in Montreal and throwing some of the best parties kids have every seen out in Montreal.

They've spent of the past year in the studio learning and exploring news sounds and this track is the product of that. Most of the stuff I'd heard before Feel this Cat, was very club driven electro with a great "pop sensibility", ie, they could move a crowd. Never considered underground these boys have always taken the main stage and played those key hours between sobriety and a the night's number nominated napkin.

Moving forward they've grown with funky rhythms mixed with brooding Italo disco basslines layering creshendo mountains which roll down with big handclaps and even some live guitars they've recorded themselves.

LOVE THY BROTHER have always treated me well and its exciting to hear them finding this new sound. I catch them every time they come to Toronto and I'll be making a trip out to Montreal asap - their live shows are simply blistering and always a riot.

This track is only the begining - be prepared for scars.

      Feel This Cat
Download: LOVE THY BROTHER - Feel This Cat



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11 years ago

With a review like that, how can one NOT try and hunt em down.

Sounds like a party

Iron Giant
Iron Giant
11 years ago

Anyone know the name of the Italo Disco track that was sampled heavily in this song? I remember it from a very old mix I have, and not knowing is driving me nuts.

11 years ago
Reply to  Iron Giant

Its doctor's cat - feel the drive... One of our favorite italo disco tracks and the inspiration for the track... the name of our track was a play on the name of the original