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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve [Reflection Eternal]

This is your Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready to Serve. We will try to bring you one "chill" track every day. This is for when you get home and you are trying to unwind. You reach for that glass of wine or that unlit Black & Mild or maybe you reach for something more herbal. This track is for those times. We are just your milkmen and I'm here to make a delivery. Chill...

Today's delivery is brought to you by Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek of Reflection Eternal. So the album, Revolutions Per Minute, drops today so It's a most that I take the chillest track from the album and give due justice here on the Daily 2%. The track is called "Lifting Off" and the topic will noticiable almost immediately when the track comes on when you hear what's going on in the background. There's not much I can say really other than you already expect the track to be amazing considering the source but I will say this beat just rides out and will definitely be in my constant rotation for a while. Check out the track, pick up the album and chill....

      08 - Lifting Off
Download: Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & HiTek) - Lifting Off



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nicko [rt]
11 years ago

thx for the blogrollz :)

Charles David
11 years ago