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The Milkmen Cometh 11 - Birds of a Feather

Each week the Milkmen of Earmilk.com  in partnership with AUX.tv will bring you - the thirsty masses - a tall bottle of what is boiling over in the music scene. We're tipping cows and movin' crowds as we trudge from a top of the mountain of bangers to bring these chosen 10. Go now and spread the good word of milk - This isn't a sundae, this is a testament.

This weeks 'featured' artists are Dem Slackers, Laconic, and this bloke by the name of TKNIK. Dem Slackers are from the Netherlands and are of the classic breed of electro - they'd be considered the Crookers of the Dutch as they seem to have a hiphop fuse in all of their tracks, look to earmilk for a full feature very soon.

After that what do we want here.. oh yeah, an awesome little remix that should be close to your heart (if you were born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s) - Ace of Base - p.s. did you know Ace of Base is from the same city as the fabled The xx ? huh? digya?

Make it to the weekend kids, and I'll meet you there.

The Milkmen Cometh 11 - Birds of a Feather



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