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Ratatat - LP4

Ever since I snagged those remix albums from Ratatat back in the day, I have been absolutely hooked. The fierce guitar riffs, the energetic drum breaks; how could you go wrong? To be honest, I wasn't fully aware that the duo was planning on dropping a new album any time soon, there was little talk of any such thing. Luckily, I caught wind of the hype, and now would like to highlight the true genius present in their most recent project, LP4. Word has it that these joints were recorded at the same time as LP3. But don't let that fool you, they are on another level! Lp4 will be available June 8th, via XL Recordings.

Removed: Ratatat - Drugs

Removed: Ratatat - Bare Feast

Removed: Ratatat - Neckbrace

Removed: Ratatat - Grape Juice City

Dance · Electro · Electronica · Indie · Instrumental


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Charles David
11 years ago


Plaisir du Plaisir
11 years ago

On est vraiment jamais déçu par ces gars là...Excellent !

9 years ago

 Sure thing dude " Jte le fait pas dire !!! "

They own the shit out of my world ... ppls use to tell me this shit sux ... they only like rap stuff but me i dont. So since i shown them RATATAT Remixes they fucking like their music . = D

Glad i converted some dumb jarhead to a new direction !!
Keep one the Gro0ve guys !! This music is awsome !!