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ESKMO - Colorbrain Mix

Hello there fellow Milkmen. It's been a while since I've shown my face around these here parts. Due to massive amount of time spent on the US Highway system and duct-taping used boxes, I haven't exactly been around lately.

Now I'm back. And it's going to feel oh so good.

For my first post since I've been back, I thought I'd do it up right for you. Brendan Angelides is a San Francisco based electronic music producer who records and performs live as Eskmo. His multi-genre compositions have been featured on always insane labels like Warp Records and Planet Mu. Angelides also runs the Ancestor label, which issued his "Hypercolor" and "Angus Dei" singles in 2009 to some sick reviews from numerous magazines, blogs and people who generally like some of that ol' gangster music.  His music spans a ton of different artists, but the way he mixes it makes it completely his own. Definitely has a Flying Lotus feel to it, which is understandable since the two are close friends and both amazingly nasty musicians. Enjoy.

Track list:

ESKMO - "We Have Invisible Friends" - Ancestor

ESKMO - "Let Them Sing" - Planet Mu

ESKMO - "San Franciso - The Rythm" - Ancestor

ESKMO - " I Dream of Flying" - Ancestor

Backdraft - "Headcharge" - (ESKMO Remix) - Downbeat

STS9 - "Shock Doctrine" - (ESKMO Remix) - 1320

Voodeux - "Enter the Voo" - (ESKMO Remix) - Mothership

Bibio - "DWRCAN" - (ESKMO Remix) - Warp

Mew - "Vaccine" - (ESKMO Bootleg) - eskmo.com

Download: ESKMO - Colorbrain

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JuliRose Martinez
11 years ago

this track is so sexual.

11 years ago

julirose martinez is so sexual.