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The Milkmen Cometh 9 - Throng

Each week the Milkmen of Earmilk.com in partnership with AUX.tv will bring you - the thirsty masses - a tall bottle of what is boiling over in the music scene. We're tipping cows and movin' crowds as we trudge from a top of the mountain of bangers to bring these chosen 10. Go now and spread the good word of milk - This isn't a sundae, this is a testament.

This week we see the return of the Midnight Conspiracy with a well put together remix of Crystal Castles' Crimewave - This coming in just time for the new LP from the Hometown Duo.

In past deliveries I may have come at you with some pop but not this week - sometimes when you look into the bag, all you see are angry cats.

France's Horror Shower, are the break-out special in my humble opinion, but I would completely understand if Missill's CHUPPA becomes your pre-game song of the month (I know it always gets me in the mood for battle) - just save some space for Kunst Throw.

and another plane bites the dust...

The Milkmen Cometh 9 - Throng



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