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Suicide Sundaes - Week 14

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Suicide Sundaes - stop your grinnin' and drop your linen. Every Sunday electblake and jsully of Earmilk will bring you the weeks dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming. To hell with sketchy sunday, we want to shove another dragon down the hole.

I know I said last week that I was going to change it up (and I did a bit with some of the last tracks in here) but generally I just can't help myself - I have a weakness for electro and grindy basslines. Which is why this weekly diatribe exists.

This week we hear a tastey little teaser (and a GTRONIC remix) from NT89 & Distrakt who will be fully releasing Pumpin' in the weeks to come (digital release in Feb). You should recognize NEUS, as well as a bunch of the other names here if you follow SS with any sort of regularity but BeatauCue might be someone - was to me.

      Never Gonna Stop
Download: LAZRtag - Never Gonna Stop

      Pumpin (Taster)
Download: NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin' (Taster)

      Lisztomania (DSL remix)
Download: Phoenix - Lisztomania (DSL remix)
myspace.com/wearephoenix | myspace.com/dslbros

      03 Get the Fuck Out
Download: Dirty Disco Youth - Get the Fuck Out

      Jeffer (BeatauCue Vocal Mix)
Download: Boys Noize - Jeffer (BeatauCue Vocal Mix)
myspace.com/boysnoize | myspace.com/beataucue

Download: NEUS - Blast!

      Monster (Original Mix)
Download: Noize Generation - Monster (Original Mix)
myspace.com/noizegeneration |

      CLUB KID (Original mix)
Download: Robots Don't Have Sisters - CLUB KID (Original mix)
myspace.com/robotsdonthavesisters1 |

      Pumpin (GTronic Remix)
Download: NT89 & Distrakt - Pumpin' (GTronic Remix)
myspace.com/distraktt | myspace.com/gtronic

      Zombie Prom Night
Download: Richie Beretta - Zombie Prom Night

      All That She Wants (The Disco Villains Remix)
Download: Ace of Base - All That She Wants (The Disco Villains Remix)
myspace.com/aceofbase | myspace.com/thediscovillains

      We Just Came to Get the Party Started (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
Download: The Disco Villains - We Just Came to Get the Party Started (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
myspace.com/thediscovillains | myspace.com/dirtydiscoyouth

      I Like to Move It (Undog Dirty Mix)
Download: Reel 2 Real (feat. Will I Am) - I Like to Move It (Undog Dirty Mix)
| soundcloud.com/bevi

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