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Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (CDQ)

The CD quality version of Exhibit C has finally hit the scene and on iTunes. Jay Electronica is the next/current best thing to hit the hip-hop game in quite some time. This version doesn't have any DJ yelling or any of that shit all over it. When this CD finally comes out I'll be the first one to actually buy the physical CD because this is that realness. We are putting up the link here so please go purchase the single off iTunes so you can support good music. Check out the track below:

They call me Jay Electronica
Fuck that, call me Jay ElecHannukah
Jay ElecYarmulke
Jay ElecTramadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor

      01 Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Download: Jay Electronica - Exhibit C

iTunes: Jay Electronica - Exhibit C

Hip-Hop · Rap


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