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Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away


Georgia Anne Muldrow is arguably the most controversial figure, musically, to grace the soul/R&B genre since Erykah Badu brought us Baduizm back in '97. I was first introduced to songstress in 2007 with Olesi: Fragments of an Earth, a release from the ever renowned Stones Throw label that had been released a year prior. What I heard, simply, blew me away. From it's tribal beat compositions to it's experimental psych-funk tinges and Georgia's afro-centric/futurist lyrics, it was easily one of the most intriguing records I had listened to that year.

A quick look at her past, and it should come to know surprise why Georgia's music is so eclectic stylistically. Her father was an instrument inventor for Eddie Harris, one of the most underrated jazz greats, who had a knack for experimenting and had a hand in birthing Jazz-funk. Her mother Rickie Byers was a vocalist in The Pharoah Sanders Ensemble. she also had a couple of solo efforts herself.

"Run Away" is a track from her latest album entitled Early. While this may seem like a new song to those just being put on to Georgia, the album is actually a collection of music that she wrote between the ages of 17 and 19. That may be where she had the idea to make the video into an old 70's cartoon format. I'd recommend checking out some of her older work before listening to this album because you can hear the music transform into what it is now. I have left a few tracks from Olesi for your listening pleasure after the jump, enjoy.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away

      17 Leroy
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Leroy

      03 Wrong Way
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Wrong Way

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