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Udachi & Jubilee - "Paypur" (Nick Catchdubs RMX ft. The Kid Daytona)

If you're still sleeping on Kid Daytona, you need to get like my man Dap and "Waaaakkkeee Upppppp!!!!!!", but now is not the right moment to bring him up in this post. Let's first talk about Udachi, the small time DJ with one monster sound who hails from Staten Island. Udachi holds some sort of mysticism over the dance floor, from the precise 808's to the driving bass lines to the out-shining remixes to the frenetic (and kinetic) climax's. I know this because as a newbie to the world of banging, raving, what have you, he had your boy doing the most intense jumping jacks... yeah thats right, and I didn't, couldn't stop. Recently Udachi dropped an EP with fellow DJ, Jubilee, entitled "Paypur".

We're proud to present our next EP, this time a collaborative effort between two of this time it's a collaborative effort between two of New York's Hottest DJ/producers Udachi and Jubilee! AC Slater states "This could easily be the biggest release of 2009. I've been playing this in every one of my DJ sets for the past 6 months." Garnering support from the likes of Tommie Sunshine, Fake Blood, DJ Craze, and Klever, and BBC Radio 1 Airplay on Kissy Sellouts show!

Now, hold that thought. Remember Nick Catchdubs? Sure you do, the Brooklyn based DJ who started Fool's Gold with A-Trak, was associate editor of The Fader and has worked with the likes of Diplo, Wale, The Clipse, etc? Well this time he calls on the talent of who else than your man Daytona (and we're back ladies and gents) to bless a half-chopped and much screwed "Paypur" with a drawled out, retarded flow. Riddle me this; HOW YOU GONNA OUT-SHINE AN OUT-SHINING RMX DJ? HUH!?... Muthafu&@&as just go hard these days.


      Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Nick Catchdubs RMX ft. The Kid Daytona)


      Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur

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