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chip tha ripper - still get it N Ohio

Chip tha Ripper is one rapper whose rhymes go hard. Here, he reminds us how he still gets gutter in Ohio. The ripper does his thing over Camron's I used to get it in Ohio with slick flow and dope rhymes. Check this joint out:


Chip tha Ripper-Still Get it N Ohio

But, more importantly, what do you get when two ill MC's to recently emerge out of Ohio come together to make music? Apparently Almighty GloryUS. Should be very interesting. Watch what one half of the crew has to say about it:

Kid Cudi on Almighty GloryUS

Check out some of Chip tha Ripper's previous works @ the link below and be on the lookout for his mixtape The Cleveland Show coming soon. Keep Listening.

via:Nah Right



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