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Kiesza delves deeper into the 90s on "The Love"


Kiesza has been dropping new songs left and right in the lead up to the release of her debut album, Sound of a Woman.  Her latest single, "The Love," harks back to the early 90s, the years that brought us huge dance numbers from Corona, Haddaway, Robin S. and more.  While Kiesza's previous efforts have been influenced by those artists, "The Love" is a pure throwback.

"The Love" largely follows the playbook and style laid out by those artists on hits like "What Is Love?" and "Rhythm of the Night."  The track opens with synths that slowly build while Kiesza showcases her massive voice, singing "This is the love, something you can feel but you can't define."  Synths pick up to a deep drop that sounds at once modern and classic.  The song's climax comes as the beat and synths slow down, piano picks up and Kiesza belts out, putting the 90s' dance divas to shame.  We hope there's more where "The Love" came from when the LP drops next week.

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"The Love"

  • Island Records
  • 2014-10-21


90's · Dance · Pop


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