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New TV episode explores Poo Bear's journey from homeless to hitmaker

When it comes to music, Jason Boyd has delivered hits that will last a lifetime. Better known as Poo Bear, the man behind hits from 1999 breakout group 112, Justin Beiber, Usher, Steven Tyler, J Balvin, and many more, the producer continues to claim his relevance. As he continues to reinvent himself, Poo Bear has teamed up with Audio Up founder, Jared Gutstad to produce the Strawberry Spring soundtrack, a Stephen King-scripted podcast. Based on a short story by the iconic storyteller, Poo Bear collaborated with Jeff Peters and Yakuza to release their lead single “Daddy Long Legs”. The energetic track consists of country-inspired guitar strums, trunk rattling drums, and smooth vocals - perfect for the podcast. 

Now, as he continues to leave his impact on the music industry, he’s teamed up with Red Bull TV for an episode that hones in on his rise to success. From homeless to hitmaker, the raw and honest episode brings new dimensions to the artist. Often only recognized for his contributions to music, the episode gives viewers an opportunity to see Poo Bear for more than just a producer, but as someone who has struggled to make his namesake even now. Pushing beyond the limits set by a relentless industry, Poo Bear continues to find new ways to defy the laws of creativity. The one-hour episode can be viewed here




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