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The FADER Uncovered podcast details music history while it writes a little of its own

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their mother has their own podcast.  However, the FADER Uncovered isn't your mom's podcast.  Boasting the in-depth, encyclopedic music knowledge of its host, legendary producer Mark Ronson, FADER Uncovered is a long look at the careers of established superstars and legends-in-the-making.  Able to rattle off a seemingly never-ending treasure trove of fascinating and deeply humanizing stories with some of music's biggest names (David Byrne, Erykah Badu, Tame Impala), Ronson is a true music nerd's nerd and the driving force behind what is hands down the most in-depth music podcast this year.

Whether an aspiring audiophile or just a voyeur to the lifestyles of the ultra-talented, Fader Uncovered delivers the kind of behind-the-scenes stories you would expect from a tell-all or exposé.  From Rico Nasty's live shows on acid, to Tame Impala's long lost, soon-to-be found SZA collaboration, there are highly engaging pieces of musical lore in each episode.  The podcast delves into each superstar artist's FADER cover stories as well as a bevy of personal anecdotes that can leave any music nerd with serious FOMO.  In the newest episode, the genre-defining Santigold reminisces on her illustrious career, her social media philosophy during the pandemic, and her career origins as a wannabe rapper in Brooklyn.  

The FADER Uncovered is the #1 music podcast in over 30 countries and it's easy to hear why.  The commitment to storytelling and in-depth person-to-person interaction between Ronson and his guest make you feel like a fly on the wall for juicy pieces of music mythos that you won't hear anywhere else.  The FADER has a long history of creating a zeitgeist around artists and giving some iconic names their first magazine covers.  From Ariana Grande to Sade, Solange to Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator to Kanye West, you never know who will pop in next to discuss their cover stories and detail some hidden gems from their career.  

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