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Red Bull Mystery Pack wraps up series with Danny Wolf

Today marks the season finale of Red Bull's Mystery Pack. If you haven't been following their series, Red Bull challenged 4 chart-topping producers to create a track from scratch. Using ten random sounds provided by Splice, each producer puts on a show and talks viewers through their creative process. Wrapping up the season, hip-hop producer, Danny Wolf showcased the skills that got him in the game. 

Danny Wolf is responsible for some of the hottest tracks from your favorite artists. From Gucci Mane to Uzi, the Mexic0 City-native has shown how versatile his creativity can be. Quitting his day job to become an in-house producer for HoodRich Entertainment, Wolf is proving how stepping out on faith has its perks.  Now with a Red Bull Mystery Pack invite under his belt, his reveling in the spoils of his career. "This feels good. The last episode I did wasn't really that good but now I have a chance to redeem myself", he beamed while discussing his latest episode. Like previous seasons, he was given 10 random sounds to work with including emergency broadcast testing, alien technology, and computer typing. Right up his alley. What may have been a challenge for some, Wolf shrugged off the difficulty of producing a studio-ready track and gave all his focus to setting the scene. "I didn't think it was really hard. You would think it would be tricky but the environment they gave me was what I really focused on. I wanted this to be the wildest episode you've ever seen", he said. Keeping his promise, his studio was draped in low lights and alien figurines. The thirteen-minute episode wraps up with Wolf's final production, a grainy, extraterrestrial sound fit for some emo-trap artists. 

Working with artists like Lil Skies, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Tecca, Wolf seems to have found his niche and fan base. Describing his sound, he owes a lot of his production to experimentation. "I have a very experimental trap sound. Like Lil Skies and recently, Kevin Gates, I've always made it my goal to make every track that goes big sound different than the last. So for Uzi, it's a triplet type beat, for Tecca, it's a lot more melodic, and for Gunna, it's guitar-heavy", he explained. While he tries to push the limits with his sound, he always finds a way to get artists in their element. Now that the Mystery Pack series is over, he's getting right back to the hustle. Cooking up a few things in the studio, he gave a nod to some of his favorite production on Lil Skies Unbothered album. Considering "Red Wine & Jodeci" to be his favorite creation so far, he owes it to to the struggle. Sorry, no Jodeci sample though. "I think the place I was in and the things that I was going through is why it's my favorite. I was still able to pull this off. You know, you're just having a wild six months but no one can really relate because it's your own personal issues and journey to take. But finally coming out of that and being able to make that track, it's definitely a favorite. I don't even think Skies knew for real what I was going through", he said. The melodic track intertwines deep trap-style bass and mind-altering sounds while Skies floats. 

While Danny is enjoying the life of a producer, he does admits that it comes with great sacrifice. "As a producer, you have to sacrifice a lot, especially with family and trying to explain why you can't be there. I have eleven nieces and nephews that growing up, so having to miss birthdays to be on the road is hard." With a work ethic that led him from a regular day job to becoming an in-house producer for HoodRich Entertainment, it's clear that sacrifices had to be made. "As soon as I got on, I got HoodRich tatted on me. I really don't even know how it happened, I just had so much confidence. Starting off as the intern, then I'm the video guy, the radio station guy, and now the producer, I never had a true master plan. I just showed up and gave it my best. Honestly, it was just all in God's favor and putting my trust in Him", he gave a nod to a higher power. Someone is definitely looking out for the fast-rising music producer. 

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