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Tune in to DJ EZ’s 24-hour livestream this Saturday, proceeds go to mental health charities

UK garage behemoth DJ EZ is helping in the valiant effort to restore some faith in humanity by hosting his second 24-hour livestreamed DJ set at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) this Saturday 23 January from Defected Records HQ and donating all proceeds to mental health charity MIND. Being a musician and a decent person have long been incompatible concepts, so it’s encouraging to see that misconception get totally exposed.

The first 24-hour session London DJ EZ did was back in the heady days of March 2020, when we were cheerfully sharing memes about Covid, mocking it, lacking the capacity to even consider our vulnerability. The set, streamed live from EZ's house, added a welcome pick-me-up to the first lockdown, while we were all confused and blissfully ignorant. That set was essential for that time, the upcoming set is probably more vital. People are at breaking point, wound up so tight after endless incompetence from our supposed leaders that only wobblers can ease the pressure. Additionally, mental health facilities need support in order to keep providing it. EZ is also taking donations for MIND prior to his set here.

With so many sinister characters about, it’s important to counteract their nefarious activities with acts of basic kindness. The more artists of different spectrums embrace this, the more people realise you won’t be any less of double-hard bastard by caring about other people, though you may not directly relate to their plight. Support basic decency, tune in on Saturday, donate something, sing along to the classics, destroy your living room. The set goes live from DJ EZ’s website.

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