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Stay safe from viruses with RŌZ's FIREWALL event this weekend

Stay safe from viruses this weekend by tuning into RŌZ's debut live stream event FIREWALL on Saturday, May 16, which aims to bring attention to upcoming electronic artists while raising money for COVID-19 relief efforts.

It's no secret that quarantine has changed the way that people across the globe live and interact with each other. Therefore Cheyanne Powell and Kelsie Hoffman saw the demand for digital content and decided to design RŌZ - a company focused on curating digital design and interactive experiences centered around talented artists.

With COVID-19 having such a huge impact on daily life RŌZ wanted to help musical artists, mixed media artists, and charities by creating an event to immerse all of their audiences. While other events looked to having large line-ups RŌZ looked into finding artists that haven't gotten as much exposure but were deserving of it. They aimed to create an overall experience to bring the community together for a couple of hours for a celebration of music and art alike.

Being partnered with charities like Local Human with support from Isaac Rochell from the LA Chargers and Sweet Relief, RŌZ hopes to raise money and attention for all involved - while doing all the work and creation for free.

So if your Saturday needs a facelift then head over to FIREWALL and see what it's all about.

Follow FIREWALL: https://linktr.ee/firewallvirtualevent

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