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AEMCON highlights mental health, LGBTQ+2 culture, feminism, and indigenous groups have shaped Alberta's electronic scene

Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) is descending upon Calgary, Alberta next week with over 60 workshops and events and 150+ speakers, including world class leaders in their disciplines like Eelke Kleign, Paul Van Dyk, Liz Thomson (Bass Coast Festival co-founder), John Acquaviva, Daedalus, and so many more.

Important conversations that need to happen in Alberta's music scene are at the forefront of discussion for the panels; including how mental health intersects with the dance music community, and how LGBTQ+2 culture, feminism, and indigenous groups have shaped our electronic scene here in Canada. Other topics include visuals, lighting, and creative media in dance music which explores the ever expanding world of projection mapping and lighting for events. Another conference topic that is sure to appeal to the budding musician or anyone working in the music scene, is how to go from amateur to professional. There's also a separate sub-conference programmed by the National Music Centre which features music technology and production innovators Suzanne Ciani, Markus Reisch and Nick Middleton. The conference runs from November 13-17th at Studio Bell in Calgary. 

AEMCON 2018 / Photo Credit: Concertsocks 

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