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Red Bull and 88rising release 'Asia Rising: The Next Generation of Hip Hop'

Red Bull has now released Asia Rising - The Next Generation of Hip Hop. Produced in partnership with 88rising, the media platform and label hybrid best known for bringing artists and hard-hitting rappers out of Asia and into the mainstream, the documentary offers a unique perspective into the world of Asian hip hop from the viewpoints of eight diverse artists at the forefront of this movement.

"Our mission at 88rising is to change the game for how Asian culture is perceived in the West, which we do by giving these incredible artists the platform to express themselves through their music," says the founder of 88rising, Sean Miyashiro. "Teaming up with Red Bull to make Asia Rising was an easy choice for us. They gave us an opportunity to tell this story in a really intimate way and share it with a wider audience. It’s all about pushing culture forward, and with Red Bull and the documentary, we’re able to give the movement an even bigger impact."

The documentary thoughtfully explores the parallels between Eastern and Western cultures through the lens of eight artists; Asia Rising features Rich Brian (Indonesia), Higher Brothers (China), Keith Ape (South Korea), Awich (Okinawa), Suboi (Vietnam), and Jin Dogg (Japan). Throughout, each artist shares their own personal story of their rise to fame, collectively offering a deeper and more holistic understanding of the current Asian hip hop movement and the pivotal role 88rising has played in driving the music forward. Additionally, Asia Rising demonstrates and showcases the power of the internet as a platform that can bridge cultural gaps, break down stereotypes whilst connecting people all over the world—providing a poignant reminder that music, transcends language.

"Who really cared what Asian people felt, what we experienced, or what we had to say? No one really...until 88 showed up," says Awich of the cultural movement. "Can people relate to our stories and how we came to hip-hop to express ourselves? If so, that’s a real game changer - for us and for the world."

Watch the documentary below.

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