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Introducing GRL GANG - a home for women in the music industry

It is an irrefutable fact that women in the music industry face an uphill battle every day against the institutionalized misogyny that hallmarks this space. As we navigate these murky waters, it is essential that we band together, which makes this new initiative from Brooklyn-based producer  / DJ JEANIE all the sweeter. Enter GRL GANG  - a community for females in the music industry. 

Jeanette Kats, the badass gal behind the JEANIE moniker identified a need for a safe space for women and non-binary members of her underground electronic scene in New York. “The amount of females in the industry is growing, and I feel strongly about the fact there needs to be a central hub for them to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. It can be really taxing for girls to get a foothold in the industry and I hope that GRL GANG can provide some solace for them.”

Anyone who has felt the fatigue of shouting into the void as a woman in music knows this sentiment all too well. GRL GANG exists as a community and multimedia platform, creating space for workshops, guest mixes, and more opportunities for collaboration curated by JEANIE. “GRL GANG is not just for DJs and music producers, it’s for anyone from all walks of this industry to come together and share their work and connect with each other,” says JEANIE.

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