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Zedd was fantastic at LA State Historic Park, but no one heard

Zedd recently touched down in Los Angeles for an eponymous pre-Independence Day festival called Zedd In The Park. Rapturously declaring it the "BIGGEST SHOW OF [HIS] CAREER" on Twitter, Zedd threw down an unforgettable set chock full of his own anthemic originals as well as previously unheard music.

Unfortunately, no one heard it.

With the exception of a puny one-day festival in 2017, Los Angeles State Historic Park had laid dormant for four years as it underwent a rigorous $20 million renovation. The park clearly was not ready for an electronic concert of this magnitude, as the volume levels were painfully low throughout the night and even erratic at times. Those brave enough to attempt a move to the stage, wriggling about with no elbow room like the giant fishing net scene at the end of Finding Nemo, had to push their way to the very front to experience the booming sonics of a true electronic show. Those relegated to "The Middle" of the crowd (see what I did there?) could barely hear the music. Those who wanted room to dance had to navigate to the back of the cavernous field, where the sound ricocheted off the vending kiosks, creating an irritating, clashing echo effect that made it sound like another DJ was performing.

The issue could be attributed to volume restrictions imposed as a result of rave-related deaths at the venue from years past, or simply the acoustics of the open-air layout. The root of the problem remains to be seen, but revelers were visibly miffed throughout the night. Twitter user @errvin hit the nail on the head.



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