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Summit LA dares to inspire the visionaries of the world this weekend

This weekend kicks off Summit Series flagship Los Angeles event by gathering more than 3500 of some of the world's top leaders, innovators, creatives, artists and more to an immersive downtown campus. This 3-day summit will host over 150 different style of talks, fireside chats, demos, culinary events, musical performances and more

I've endured my fair share of conferences over the years but this is one event that truly looks to cultivate inspiration within a group of people in our society that we already consider to be inspirational. Summit LA will gather those who are not only redefining the human existence but building upon it towards a positive future.

I know that sounds like some marketing billboard slogan B.S. but hear me out. I dove into the meats and potatoes of the summit in hopes of seeking out the role music industry leaders will play in this conference. Throughout the weekend, this event will host industry leaders like Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon.com, which is all well in good, but then you see they are also hosting Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada, Janaya Khan, a culinary event with Founder of Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor Amanda Saab, as well as performances from DJ's like Atish and Monolink. The A-list speakers continue with notable guests like Kobe Bryant and Lena Dunham but the main difference here is none of them are being used as big names to attract attendees in order to push some type of big name brand that put their name on the conference. The subtle intent behind the unique offerings within this year's Summit program is to courageously inspire and drive further creativity within a community of already inspirational leaders. 

As a journalist, having been in the game for a bit, nothing irritates me more than seeing artists being relentlessly asked, "So what musicians inspire you?" Nine out of ten, it's either The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, N.W.A, Paul Oakenfold, 2Pac or Eminem.  For me, I've always been more curious as to what non-music related people, places or things inspired their craft. Now and then, you'll find someone mentioning a specific book, a work of art, a meal that changed their life or an activist that challenged them to be more. 

This weekend's Summit LA will be filled with content sessions, workshops, dedicated wellness studios, intimate spaces and lounges for conversations, juice and smoothie bars, culinary experiences and much more. It will act as the conduit for attendees like gallerist and curator Jeffrey Deitch or award-winning actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba to pass on inspiration to others while also hopefully gaining some from more than 40 performances by musicians, poets, dancers, and comedians. Some live acts will include John Batiste, St. Lucia, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, AlunaGeorge, Allen Stone. DJ sets will be performed by Atish, Mira, Monolink, Soul Clap, KMLN, Goldcap, YokoO and more. To highlight one of those performers,San Francisco-based DJ Atish brings with him a devotion to creating authentic fan experiences through dance music and is a prime example of the type of creative influencers Summit is brining together. Not to mention the good vibes and tunes too!

I had the chance to quickly speak with Pete Gross, Summit music curator, and he shared with me how this weekend's music entertainment program will act as the catalyst for attendees from non-related industries to interact with one another. Gross shared, "The music acts are designed to further build a community that will immerse themselves in the work of their peers that may not be in the same industry they are in but also to create innovative and/or positive thinking in the world." Music lives in all of us, whether it's the playlist Kobe Bryant was jamming out to in the locker room before a game or the sound of a drum circle beating around the fire at Standing Rock. Who knows, maybe the way a specific DJ shares their story on how to create certain fan experiences will help inspire a culinary leaders approach to reaching new audiences. 

Summit LA kicks off this Friday, November 3 and will be transforming various buildings downtown in hopes of cultivating a tight-knit community of immersive creativity. 

To learn more about Summit LA 17: Click Here 

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