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Chance the Rapper and Daniel Caesar perform new song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Daniel Caesar is a name you've likely heard as of late if you're a fan of R&B. His debut album Freudian, which came out this August, is widely considered to be a remarkable and emotive exhibition of the genre. Today, Caesar is now confirmed to be collaborating with Chance the Rapper next. On "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Chance the Rapper interviewed and performed with Daniel Caesar, who sang and played guitar on the unreleased song. 



The song, which is currently untitled, is a crescendo beginning with soft-spoken words from Chance and a background of choir hums, a single guitar, and the occasional organ chords. It swiftly becomes powerful as Chance and Caesar belt the chorus, "The day is on the way, couldn't wait no more. Here it comes, ready or not." Caesar's buttery voice and high range meshes well with Chance's raw lower register. It's clear that Chance is moving on from Coloring Book into writing and performing new music, and Daniel Caesar is certainly capitalizing on his current (very well deserved) wave of success— collaborating with Chance the Rapper is no small feat.

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