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Kölsch unveils his '1989' album featuring Aurora and the Heritage Orchestra

'1989', the eagerly anticipated final chapter in Kölsch's autobiographical trilogy, is returning to label Kompakt in September.

Following on from '1977' and '1983', Danish DJ and Producer Rune Reilly Kölsch is releasing a full length emotive and powerful journey as bold as it's predecessors. '1977' held a display of early childhood memories encapsulated by sound, joined by '1983' - a compilation of music bursting with the feelings the producer experienced travelling through Europe aged six. '1989' will be about hardship felt by Kölsch during his adolescent years.

“With 1989, we have arrived in my early teens”, Kölsch explains, “a difficult time in my life, where I mostly just remember the greyness of it all – grey feelings, grey weather and my own grey face.” The change and confusion of growing up also coincided with his parents divorce. “I would escape that grey world on my skateboard, listen to my Walkman as I explored the city around me. Music became my savior – the only way to overcome my family’s hard times. I found a soundtrack to my grey life, and suddenly there was color.”

'1989' will be a compilation of thirteen original tracks - featuring the 24 person Heritage Orchestra and ethereal Norwegian vocalist Aurora.

Tracklisting 01. A1. 1989 02. A2. Serij 03. A3. Grå 04. A4. In Bottles 05. B1. Grey 06. B2. Grau 07. B3. PUSH 08. C1. Gris 09. C2. 14 10. C3. Khairo 11. D1. YKPI 12. D2. Liath 13. D3. Goodbye

'1989' is released via Kompakt on 22nd September 2017. To pre-order click here

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