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Daps launches streetwear brand 'GODS From the Corner' with exclusive event in LA

Daps, the director responsible for some of this year’s dopest videos from Migos to 2 Chainz, Stormzy, Wizkid and Young Thug, will be hosting an exclusive launch party this Friday in Los Angeles. We picked the young creative's mind on his streetwear brand, GODS From the Corner and how music, lifestyle and culture all merge together. 

Dissecting how his previous work had led to the fashion world; he told us he was one of the producers for a Kanye West documentary in London in 2012 when he was designing his previous line. "Being around him every day for those two months was very eye-opening and inspiring… Getting to see how he worked, the processes, and attention to detail." Other than that, he drew the matrimony between fashion + music and how they've always been in love. "Music and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand - especially in music videos - styling can make or break a project. It feels like a natural progression for me. "

Daps resume spans from the streets of the ATL, directing multiple Migos videos like "Bad and Boujee" and The Revenant inspired "T-Shirt". The 'Directed by Daps' epidemic has then spread back home to London to hit the grime scene for Stormzy's banger "Big for your Boots". Daps gave me a little insider ear between these spheres and how to sell pretty much anything. 

"Both are very street oriented, and both had a gap to me when it came to visuals... so I stepped in [laughs]. Fashion wise, we're trend setters in London. We used to get made fun of for the slim jeans and designer satchels but now they're normal in America. Fashion plays a key part in both scenes though - not only visually, and how you feel, but also monetarily. If you want something to sell, stick it on a rapper."

With GODS From The Corner he tells us, "the audience is young, confident, and in tune with rap culture (which is actually pop culture). Rap runs shit and we create the cool. GODS is a foray into a certain lifestyle and mindset. An elevated mindset. It's understated but brash... wake up your inner GOD."

The pop up shop is this Friday 7/21 at SAKE in LA. The night will include live performances, and the premiere of Daps' debut short film.

RSVP @ [email protected]

Date: Friday 21st July
Time: 7pm - Midnight

114 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles
CA 90036

Drinks provided by Gold Bar Whiskey

Connect with Daps: FlexGodInstagram | GODSFromTheCornerInstagram

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