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LANDR, CD Baby and Audient launch a contest with a prize valued at $2300

Audient, CD Baby, and LANDR have teamed together to bring you a special giveaway featuring a selection of production equipment and distribution aid. The contest is incredibly easy to join, you have to sign up for a free account with LANDR to win. Live link hereno more entries past April 6th. 

The Montreal start up LANDR has become a major international service for professional mastering on digital audio. Having collaborated with other various media outlets and DJs, LANDR have secured a solid position. They provide quality masterings of all kinds of genres to musicians who can not afford major studios for final production. Their service is a cheaper alternative and worth investigating further. 

CD Baby is an e-commerce platform for selling music from independent artists and labels. They have over 3 million tracks and a growing range of styles in their library. The company is full of creators and is currently based out of Portland, Oregon. They offer tours, special broadcasts, and a diverse range of music. 

Audient is based out of Hampshire in England founded in 1997 by David Dearden and Gareth Davies. The company encompasses a sonic realm of innovative ideas to design music technology in new ways. Audient is now world renown for their high-quality production and creative equipment for electronic producers. 

Prizes included from these three companies are listed below, the total value being over $2300: 

CD Baby
  1. package of 300 CDs in 4-Panel Digipaks ($830)
  2. CD Baby album distribution ($49)
  1. iD14 ($299)
  2. ASP800 ($849)
  1. 1 year Pro unlimited mastering subscription ($299)

Connect with LANDR: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 
Connect with CDBaby: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter
Connect with Audient: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter 

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