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ToneDen introduces Audience AI targeting feature

ToneDen has established itself as a reliable tool for artists to use in expanding their reach on social media. Supporting artists as they post new music and helping them engage with fans via free downloads, ToneDen is the mechanism by which artists can convert new followers on platforms like SoundCloud in exchange for free downloads or otherwise. Today, the brand has announced that it will go beyond connecting users and fans to go further, offering marketing tactics targeting potential consumers that will most likely engage with the content being put out. Called Audience AI, it seeks to take ToneDen's offering to the next level.

Like other targeting mechanisms, Audience AI analyzes data from your social media feeds to make predictions about future customers. By looking at your ideal candidate from multiple social media sources, its software can predict future activity from similar people. The best part: you can learn insights from these evaluations.

As it moves from being a social media builder to a broader marketing tool offering customer conversion, ToneDen's abilities will no doubt attract additional subscribers outside of music and emerging artists.

For more on the new program, head to the ToneDen website.


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