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Fool's Gold Records is relaunching its merch line

If you’re the type to frequent concerts, you’ve probably seen a Fool’s Gold beanie before. But that beanie is from a few seasons ago, as the A-Trak-headed label hasn’t put out a new collection in some time. Great news for us, Fool’s Gold is relaunching their clothing line for a Winter 2016 collection just perfectly at a time when music merchandise is more relevant than ever. The collection will feature hats, tees, sweatshirts and accessories, and promises to bring collaborations and capsule collections in the coming seasons. For the relaunch, they tapped into some of their own artists for modeling, including LeafBrenmarK$aceShash'U and Nasty Nigel. Fool’s Gold will also expand from its Brooklyn store, adding a Manhattan store in 2017.  The merch is available for purchase online now.

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