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Executives at NYC's Madison Square Garden busted in ticketing scandal

According to NYC news outlet PIX11, multiple employees at Madison Square Garden have been busted for aiding scalpers in the inflated resale of tickets. 

People in New York City are used to being quick to grab tickets due to the large population and high demand, but shows at Madison Square Garden notoriously go quicker. Just recently shows like Brand New and Modest Mouse, Adele, and Bruce Springsteen sold out within minutes of the general on-sale. 

New York Attorney General has stated that tickets for multiple events at MSG have been given to online retailers before becoming available to the general public. For some of the more popular shows, more than half of the tickets were not made available for sale. According to the study by state investigators, 54% of the tickets are set aside for insiders.  All of this information comes to light after seven years of research through the investigation. 

The New York Post published an article regarding this scandal in relation to sporting events stating that, "The number of executives who were caught in the ticket imbroglio, one source said, was fewer than 10. There are roughly 40 salespeople overall." The employees were buying tickets and reselling them on websites like StubHub. These employees were revealed and fired.

Whether or not this means tickets for coveted shows like Adele will be released due to this practice is unknown (an unlikely). 



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