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Pandora and Plated Partner to Create "Plated"

Plated, the cook at home delivery service and Pandora radio have entered into a partnership to create music to eat to, after conducting a study that found that music influences the mood and the very taste of food. The study conduced that almost half of millennials and 1 in 3 Gen X'ers enjoy streaming music during dinner.

This abundance of streaming music at the dinner table also adds to the sensory experience that people experience, and different foods are inspired and enhanced by different types of music. For example, Indie pop brings on a hungering for desserts, Jazz Instrumental gives you a craving for chocolate and World music often inspires international meals. 

The study was done by the University of Oxford and it focused on how the taste of food changes depending on the music playing and what auditory cues enhance both the flavors and experience of the food being consumed. Find out more about Plated Radio here



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