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Day 1 of HBO's 'Bessie's 81 Theatre Tour' series via L.A. is in the books

On Tuesday May 12th, HBO launched Los Angeles' end of the Bessie's 81 Theatre Tour, which celebrates the release of their upcoming biopic, Bessie; A film highlighting the life  of blues icon Bessie Smith, starring Queen Latifah

After a successful first-run in New York City, the 3 day event finally made its way to the west coast. The first series—an invite-only media-friendly brunch—took place at Millwick (located in the heart of Downtown LA). With an intimate floral setting  and a room full of enthusiastic guests gathered for a tasteful three-course meal, anticipation for the film's release grew once the official movie trailer was projected onto the screen. Also present at the event were notable cast members Tory Kittles and Tika Sumpter






(photo credit: Dorothy Hong)


Bessie's 81 Theatre Tour will continue its series of events leading up to Thursday's culminating celebration. Up-and-coming producers and songwriters will take center stage and there's also plenty of murmur surrounding the surprise guest. Considering Janelle Monae was the unannounced performer at New York's culminating event, there's no wonder why all the mystique has caused such a buzz this time around.  

HBO will air Bessie on May 16th at 8:00pm. Circle the date, you don't want to miss it!


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